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Toyota cuts July result projection by 50,000 units

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Japanese car manufacturer Toyota has actually announced that it has actually made adjustments to its manufacturing plans as a result of the semiconductor shortage which resulted from the spread of the coronavirus.Toyota's international manufacturing for July this year is anticipated to be around 800,000 units, with a decline of around 50,000 devices in the month-to-month manufacturing strategy. The global production volume for July with September is approximated to 304 stainless steel coil supplyaverage about 850,000 systems each month. The firm's worldwide production for the full duration of the fiscal year 2023 remains unchanged 201 stainless steel coil priceat 9.7 million units.Toyota's assembly line No. 1, the assembly line for GR versions, and the assembly line for low-volume models at the Motomachi Plant, assembly line No. 2 at the Takaoka Plant, production line No. 3 at the Tahara Plant, assembly line No. 1 and also No. 2 at the East Japan Iwate Plant, Toyota Motor East Japan Miyagi Ohira Plant, as well as assembly line No. 2 at Toyota Vehicle Body Fujimatsu Plant and production lines No. 1 and also No. 2 at Toyota Auto Body Yoshiwara Plant are all scheduled for suspension for July.

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