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Turkish car sales decrease 11.5 percent in January-May

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In May this year, Turkey's electric motor automobile sales completed 68,220 units, boosting by 18.6 percent year on year, according to the monthly stats launched by the Turkish Automotive Produceraluminized steel coils' Association (OSD). In the very same month, Turkey's automobile sales amounted to 51,750 units, upGangya steel 20.0 percent year on year. At the same time, in the January-May duration of this year, Turkey's automobile sales totaled up to 290,816 systems, visiting 11.5 percent on year-on-year basis.In the initial 5 months of the current year, Turkey's automobile exports completed 380,372 units, down 2.7 percent, while traveler car exports reduced by 15.9 percent to 215,892 units, both year on yedx51d z150 galvanized steel coil pricear. In the same period, the country exported 139,112 tiny vehicles, up 24.2 percent year on year. In the provided period, incomes from overall automobile and element exports advanced by three percent to $12.66 billion, while the incomes from auto exports amounted to $3.62 billion, dropping by 14.4 percent, both on year-on-year basis.In May, Turkey's complete electric motor vehicle imports amounted to 40,080 devices, increasing by 25.5 percent year on year, while traveler auto imports amounted to 33,442 units, up 35.1 percent, year on year. In the January-May period of this year, the nation's overall automobile imports amounted to 164,380 devices, coming by 11.9 percent, while auto imports amounted to 134,651 units, reducing by 10.2 percent, both compared to the same duration of 2021.

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