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US layers in coil imports down 28.4 percent in September

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According to initial demographics information from the US Department of Commerce, United States imports of plates in coil completed 95,689 mt in September 2022, down 28.4 percent from August and down 18.7 percent from September 2021 levels. By value, plates in coil imports completed $97.7 million in September 2022, compared to $155.1 million in August and also $178.7 million in September 2021. The US imported the most plates in coil from Canada in September, with 57,703 mt, compared to 61,451 mt in August and 58,545 mt in September 2021. Various other leading sources for United States layers in coil imports include Mexico, with 21,620 mt; Netherlands, with 4,065 mt; South Korea, with 3,934 mt; and also Sweden, with 2,502 mt.

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