We have a large number of steel stocks, different sizes can be customized, the price can be negotiated for large quantities.
Roofing Materials ASTM <font <font color='red'>color</font>='red'><font color='red'>color</font></font> <font <font color='red'>color</font>='red'><font <font color='red'>color</font>='red'>coated</font></font> corrugated <font <font color='red'>color</font>='red'><font color='red'>sheets</font></font> <font <font <font color='red'>color</font>='red'><font color='red'>color</font></font>='red'><font color='red'>ppgi</font></font> roofing sheet
Roofing Materials ASTM color='red'>color color='red'>color='red'>coated corrugated color='red'>sheets color='red'>color='red'>ppgi roofing sheet

Width : as required

Length : 1400-1799mm, 1800-2000mm, 2001-3600mm, 3601-3660mm

Processing : Welding, Punching, Cutting, Bending, Decoiling

Custom list : Customized logo , Customized packaging , Product customization

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